Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

Keeping a clean, organized and functioning sink

Kitchens can get messy real quick!
Finding a balance has really helped me keep my kitchen clean and my clean-ups quick.
Part of the routine is functional sink/station.

I hate having to bend over and rummage through the sink cabinet to get out dish soap, sponges, etc. So I keep it all in one place.

Here is my sink.

Nice and Big right?
I have found that filling the hand soap dispenser with dish soap has saved me time and money. The dish soap is dual purposes (for dishes and hands). I also keep a bottle of lotion and sanitizer for good measure.

In the sink compartment itself I keep a scrubbing brush and a sponge. I use the scrubbing brush to quickly clean up dishes that can't go in the dishwasher by just pumping a little soap on to it. The sponge is readily available for any spills or quick clean ups. At night the scrubbing brush and sponge go in the dishwasher for sanitation.

Probably the best thing about my sink is that it can hold that really cool cutting board/strainer. Not only does it serve its intended purpose but it also hides dishes for when last minute company comes over. I like using this board over my sink b/c it saves time. I don't have to dig out a strainer and the board is big enough to cute multiple things. I've seen this board at Macy's, Target and Costco and come in a variety of colors.

See it in action!

To round out my sink organization I installed a towel rack right on the cabinet door. I keep dish washing detergent and kitchen spray underneath the sink and I never feel like my cabinet is overflowing with 1000 types of kitchen products.

Keeping my sink in this working order has helped me with keeping a clean kitchen and also cleaning as I go so there is never a big stock pile of dishes in the sink. This is what works for me!

Does anyone have anything to add to this organization either of the sink or the kitchen? I would love to hear it! Anything to make my life easier. =)

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  1. Your sink looks fabulous!! Great work. We keep dish soap in the hand soap too! :)