Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet Joey

Pretty cute isn't he?

Don't be fooled.
I have that kid!

That kid??

Oh yes THAT KID!

You know the one I am talking about!
That kid that throws the hugest, most unbelievable, most embarassing fits in the middle of frozen foods aisle.
That kid who decided to jam a marker up his nose only to have the tip break off and then require actual surgery to remove it.
That kid who ripped off all the wall paper from his nursery during nap time.

He is that kid who makes you worry and fret over his number 2's in his diaper for days because he can't find where he put that penny he sneakily took from you.
But he is also that kid that makes life worth living. That kid who makes you look forward to things yet to come and who always keeps you laughing. That kid is why I look forward to building a life around family and faith and all things good. Because of that kid I feel blessed and extremely loved.

Oh how I love that kid. I really do. He is my proudest accomplishment, my favorite person and the one gift that has given me the most amazing feeling of all. Love.
He is also why I am able to dedicate a part of this blog to the most wonderful and outrageous "Mother of the Year" stories. We will get to me.

For now go check out Kristen's story at We Are That Family. She it witty, funny, and is well spoken on all topics revolved around That Family!

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