Sunday, February 28, 2010

Making a Diaper Cake

Yesterday I went to my childhood friends Baby Shower. I wanted to make a diaper cake but not a tall, huge one so I opted for a sheet cake version. This was my first attempt at making a sheet cake diaper cake and I think it turned out pretty neat.

First off start with your ingredients. Most of this stock I had on hand besides the diapers. I try to buy cute baby clothes and shoes when they go on clearance or when I can get a great deal on them.

Basic Ingredients
Newborn or Size 1 diapers: One pack contains about 50 diapers. I also recommend choosing diapers that don't have a lot of design on them. In this case I loved the fact that the diapers I chose (Target's Up and Up brand) had polka dots on them in boy colors.
Baby toiletries and clothes/shoes

Cardboard layout fit to the size of your desired cake
Hot Glue Gun (don't worry if the glue gets on the diapers or product, typically it will come right off when dried)
Misc. items such as stickers, tag board, etc.


*Remember Diaper Cakes are personable and unique. No two are
alike and they should reflect your personality or the recipients. You can put as little or as much "ingredients" on it as you would like!

Step 1.

Take all the diapers and roll them individually and secure with a small rubber band.

Step 2.
Align how you would like to make the cake. The inside of the cake consisted of 4 groups of 6 diapers formed in rows of 2x3. Every "six" diapers were fastened together with a larger rubber band.

In my case I knew I wanted individual ribbons wrapped each diaper along the outer edge of the cake. I counted how many edge diapers there were and planned my ribbons accordingly. Because there were 22 diapers that could fit on the edge and I only had 7 ribbon types chosen I opted to have the 4 corner pieces stand out in a yellow color.
I cut the ribbons to size and wrapped it around the diaper to cover the rubber band and secured with a dab of hot glue.

Step 3.
Loosely secure the entire diaper cake together with dabs of hot glue. You don't need much, just enough to keep its shape for the next step.

Step 4.

Once the diaper cake is put together you can choose how you want to secure it so the individual diapers don't fall out. I always go with ribbon and wanted to accent this sheet cake as if there were two strips of Icing going along the edge.
First I tie a piece of string around the entire edge on top and bottom. This step is not necessary but it does ensure that when you wrap the finished ribbon around it it will be secure and snug. Once the string is on, wrap the ribbon over the string and secure each end with dabs of hot glue. Press the two ends together until the hot glue is dry to ensure a secured fit.
At this point I cut the string and remove it from the cake. The knot I tied with the string tends to get bulky and stick out.

Step 5.

At this point you are almost done. Lay out how you want the top of the cake to look like. Play around with a design and when you like what you have secure the clothes/shoes/etc. with COLORED push pins. I suggest colored because you are pushing these pins into the diapers and the idea of a diaper cake is for the Mom to be able to use every ingredient. There is nothing worse then a pin pricking a little babies tush. Pins are so tiny and are easily missed.

I finish my cake with an ingredients list so the Mom knows what size and quantity of items are on the cake. I also add some scrapbooking paper to the cardboard sheet to dress up the cake a bit more.

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  1. Keana, I love love LOVE your diaper "cake"!! What a cute idea! Recently I went to a friend's baby shower and wanted something like this to do -- unique and practical. I ended up getting her the diaper bag she registered for, which got duplicated. I was so bummed. :) Next time I'll definitely try this! Thanks for the demonstration! I love your blog and appreciate all your insight and good ideas!