Monday, February 15, 2010


When I was pregnant with my first child I had these lofty goals of being the ultimate Stay at Home Mom. All my college friends said I had it in me and all my mom said was, "good luck!" I had visions of fresh baked cookies, a proper appearance, PTA meetings, homemade meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, afternoon tea, and a new craft project to give to Daddy every night and of course the pattering of 8 little feet running down the hall.

SCREEEEECCHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (Imagine the sound of a car hitting its break....really really hard)

Did I just dream of bearing 4 children, smiling while I fold laundry and still be well manicured by days end???? Does it look something like this?

Yah right...I wish!

The reality of it is that I have one child, my almost three year old son, Joey (my uterus hates me apparently), last weeks laundry pile all clean, but not yet folded, 5 different craft projects...unfinished, and leftover delivered pizza in the fridge.

In all honesty life has superseded all my expectations of where I would be in the short three years since I first became a mom. The visions I had of being a SAHM, albeit maybe a bit lofty, have seemed to escape me.
If you were to look at my facebook page at any given time you will undoubtedly find a status update from a fellow Mom friend describing her day. It looks something like this:

Gwen....(names changed for privacy) had quite the day. Took the kids on a play date today, went shopping for new shoes, made 5 pages out of little Henry's first year scrapbook, designed 1st birthday invitations and baked a cake for my Mom and Dad's anniversary. Kid's are taking their usual 3 hour nap! So excited for my hot date tonight with the hubby. Dinner and dancing. Can't stay out too late though, we have Church in the morning and are volunteering as a family at the soup kitchen for lunch. 3:59pm

I know what you are thinking, Keana is definitely being sarcastic here. I WISH!

My status update would look something like this: off to a rough start this morning. Missed 'Mommy and Me' because Joey thought it would be a good idea to hide my car keys, I later found them in the toilet. 10:59 am

Keana is.... trying to update Joey's scrapbook but realized I need to go pick up pictures from the store. I guess this means pizza in the car on the go and then grocery shopping. I hope the stores playland isn't closed. 12:30pm

Keana....!$*#!!!!! If I hear "Mrs Callon, please return to playland" one more time I am going to scream. (Joey decided to make an escape attempt out the door) 1:37pm

Keana is...making pot roast for dinner with rosemary potatoes and roasted vegetables 5:45pm

Keana...burnt the pot roast, am currently trying to get all the smoke out of the house. 6:15pm

Keana...I asked Joey if he loved me tonight and he said "I DOOOOOO" in the highest pitch possible. I snuck into his room a while ago to remove all the toys he brought into bed with him. Apparently sleeping with your toy firetruck is all the rage! 9:45pm

Keana is...enjoying a glass of wine! 10:27pm

Ok maybe I over exaggerated a bit, I don't go on facebook that much and this didn't all happen in one day but I can tell you that I have definitely had each one of these on my facebook at one time or another.

So whats the point?

Ok, so maybe I don't have one.
But what I want to say is that parenthood is a journey. We all make big mistakes, but we all make big accomplishments too. I want to really really really become a super great Mom. Who doesn't? But like any other Mom, I fall short some time or another; or I at least trip A LOT! I get down on myself but I get right back up and keep trying. I can learn from others and I can definitely learn from my son.

So with all my previous expectations set aside...
Do you want to take this journey with me?

There will definitely be laughs, tears of joy and maybe even sadness too. But I can tell you, I still want it all and I welcome you to try to attain it all with me.

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