Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scene and Heard Sunday

Not too much excitement this week, but none the less...

-I felt really proud when I was asked by my local Fred Meyer Play Land attendant if Joey was an older brother. When I said no, she told me that Joey was acting like one for another younger boy there and that he did a really good job at it. I hope that someday by some great miracle from God that I can bless Joey with a sibling. For now I will relish over the fact that my crazy, wild son can be so nurturing too!

-I have been visiting Just a Girl's Blog and have gotten some great ideas for crafty projects and home design. Now I just wish I would make the time to attempt such endeavors.

-Got into a verbal altercation with the attendant at a Fred Meyer Play Land that I seldom visit all over how Joey takes off his identification bracelet. The details are irrelevant but it did result in me to not putting Joey in Play Land and me ripping up his sign in log at that particular location. It probably was a dumb fight but none the less I held my ground and didn't cower or whimper. I love that by becoming a Mom I have learned to stand up for myself and for my family.

-Joined Swagbucks which is just a search engine that you can gain bucks which in turn you can purchase gift cards and items just for searching as you normally would on the internet. In three 3 days I have earned 272 Swagbucks. When I reach 500 I can get a $5 amazon gift card. The goal is to earn enough Swagbucks to pay for Christmas next year. Click on the banner below if you are interested and want to sign up. It's a referral link, so I do get some swag bucks if you sign up with it. It seems cheesy and gimmicky but I love getting free stuff and I know you do too.
Search & Win

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