Sunday, February 21, 2010

Seen and Heard Sunday

In a brief recap of our week, here are some things that went on.

-Running running everywhere! Joey doesn't stop. We go over to my parents house a lot so Joey can run wild (can't really do that in apartment living). The weather has been absolutely beautiful so we have been spending a lot of time outside.
I taught Joey the importance of sidewalks and why he should use them when we walked from my parents house to Chambers Bay. It was a beautiful sunny day and opted to take Joey out sans stroller or Puppy harness, not sure if I will do that again.

-Joey keeps has quite the fascination with Fuzzy (my Mom's cat). He will want to call Grandma just so he can talk to Fuzzy. Two days in a row he brought the mail in from my parents house only to walk past Grandma and Grandpa and shove it in front of Fuzzy's face. Apparently Fuzzy pays the bills around here.

-Baby Genius? My brother, the wonderfully nerdy Chemistry major he is, taught Joey that those big concrete red balls outside of Target are Protons. So of course every time we go to Target (which is a lot) he points out the Protons.

-I finally decided to start working out and lifting weights again after perusing through an old college friend's Facebook page and discovering that she is involved in Fitness Shows and is looking great, especially after having a baby.
I want to be physically fit not only for me but for my family. I don't consider myself fat by any means but I do have a layer of fluff that could stand to never be seen again. So I am eying for working out three days a week and staying as active as possible so that I can tone up and lean out.

-Had to have a talk with Joey about appropriate bathroom behavior. We have always had an "Open Door" policy when it comes to the bathroom so that we can encourage Joey to try Potty Training again. Well I apparently have had too much of an open door policy because I caught Joey with a tampon mimicking what you do with it (he was fully dressed). I can't believe I am telling everyone this, but kids catch on so quickly. And so you can understand why I have started locking the door. <----(insert Mom of the Year Moment Here)

-And finally....Pretty sure our downstairs neighbors moved out of their apartment into a new one on the way other end of our floor. When we first moved in we received a complaint that Joey was being a little too loud (toddlers walk/run loudly!). So I made a 'peace offering' to them with a nice bottle of wine and asked them to please let me know if the noise was a problem again as we were working with Joey on being "Tiny Guy, Quiet Guy."
Well we never heard from them again (even though there have been numerous times where Joey has thrown raging fits on the floor while kicking his legs and pounding on the walls). The other day I was getting on the elevator and saw our downstairs neighbor getting off the elevator on to our floor with groceries in hand. With quick deductive reasoning I soon realized that they probably moved out, more than likely b/c of Joey's loudness. I am too afraid to ask the Apt. Managers, but I have noticed that our apartment has been very cold lately. We haven't had to turn our heat on since before Christmas because we are on the top floor and the heat rises into our apartment from downstairs. So there goes our free heat. =)
And yes I feel bad that our neighbors moved (because of us). But in our defense the floors seem almost paper thin here b/c it sounds like a herd of elephants from up above when we were only walking. And further more it probably wouldn't have been as big of a problem if both our neighbor and Joey and I weren't home all day.
But of course we are still working with Joey on being more tame, even if there is no one underneath us.


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