Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vegetable Applesauce

If your kid(s) are anything like my Joey you know that getting them to eat vegetables is like pulling teeth.
Joey doesn't have the greatest eating habits in the world but I am a stickler for the Food Pyramid recommendation of eating enough fruits and vegetables. We don't seem to have a problem with Joey eating fruits but when it comes to vegetables I always have to trick him.
The other day I bought a jar of baby food squash, put some cinnamon on it and called it applesauce. Joey gobbled it up! =)
With is loving affinity of applesauce I usually find I can mix some sort of vegetable in with it so that he is getting double the nutrients in one serving.

As I write this blog post I can hear Joey searching for cookies. He'll never find them! Muhahahaha!

Making homemade applesauce is super easy and healthy.

4 apples (any type, peeled and sliced)
half can of pinapple tidbits
1 can of cooked carrots (drained)
cinnamon and sugar to taste

In a crock pot put all ingredients and pour the pineapple juice from the can into mixture. You can use as much cinnamon and sugar as you would like but the pineapple and its juice really serve as the sweetness factor for this recipe. I recommend sprinkling the cinnamon/sugar on to the carrots themselves as to further hide the carrot flavor. Cook on Low until apples are soft.

When the apples are soft (not mushy) start mashing them and stir to incorporate the mixture. Mixture will be textury. (If your child doesn't like the texture you can mix in blender). Turn off crockpot and let sit to cool.

When cooled, place in individual serving tupperware or regular tupperware.


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