Monday, February 15, 2010

How can I be a Mom of the Year?

In setting up this blog my intentions are two fold.

Not only is it to share in the lighter side of mommyhood, but I also want to dabble in all the aspects that contribute to being a successful Mom. My blog is intended not only for stories, but also for ideas for creating family fun to running a household, from creating a budget to making a house a home (decorating).

I live by the three F's.
Family, Faith and Frugality.

Obviously the first 2 are of the utmost importance, but I have found that being frugal in certain parts of my life have made the other parts that much richer!

This blog will hold a plethora of ideas. It may seem a bit sporadic and disorganized, but what better way to take on this journey then to just to dive in head first and get going?

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