Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Kristen over at We Are That Family host a really awesome link up at her website on tips and advice on things that work well for her. Topics revolve around household tips, cooking, cleaning, raising children and crafts. She has an amazing blog that follows the life of their family. She has the strongest convictions and from what I read a SuperMom!


Keeping your garbage can clean and organized.

Garbage cans tend to get sick and disgusting super quick, especially when you have a kid in diapers. Even after you take out the trash the smell tends to linger and with apartment living any smell is never a good smell.

I have a large garbage can but not the luxury of having a large kitchen so the can is placed underneath our lame excuse of a counter bar. This means that any unsightliness goes majorly noticed and Joey thinks that the garbage can is a toy. Not the kind of double bonus I like to brag about!

To keep things clean and organized I store the trash bag roll and a can of Lysol spray inside of the can itself. Just like this...

When I pull the liner out to take the garbage out I have everything in one place and I don't have to search for another bag in the deep abyss known as my under sink cabinet. The Lysol I use is also an air neutralizer so it disinfects and also kills odor in the surrounding area. A bonus to this method is that b/c the trash bag roll and the can take up a little bit of room on the bottom you can never overfill your trash and not be able to tie it shut.

And this is What Works For Me!

P.S. I never thought I would be taking a picture of my trash can!


  1. Haha about the taking a picture of your trashcan! Oh, what blogging will make you do.

    Nony - A Slob Comes Clean

  2. Awesome idea!

    My trash can gets so gross so easy. Boys (and I have 5) just do not understand the importance of not throwing trash in there if the can has not been relined yet.

  3. I keep my extra trash bags in the bottom of the can also.