Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scene and Heard Sunday

Another weeks has passed by, it seems like this year is going by so quick!

-This week really showcased how fast Joey is growing. From telling me NO, to being a little ladies man, to learning to help me with certain household chores. It amazes me that in three short years my baby has grown to be a child.

-I'm loving how American Idol is going. The competition, at least for the ladies, is fierce. There are so many good singers that its going to be close when it comes to narrowing down to the top 12. My absolute favorite performance this week was Katelyn Epperly's version of Coldplay's The Scientist. It was beautiful and she sung so well.
Watch the performance yourself!

-I have been getting a lot of stuff done lately and I feel good about being so productive. I want to tackle our bedroom sometime soon to decorate. Josh and I talked about painting our dresser to match our bed and nightstands and he gave me the go ahead. I plan to decorate our bedroom so that all the elements our removable. We aren't staying in this apartment for too long and I would hate to leave behind my creations.
-I made two fun projects this week. Check it out the tutorial here if you want to give it a try as well.

I plan to do more decor like this and will take the "live laugh love" project and incorporate it into a collage of picture frames.
I am also itching for a buffet or long/skinny utility table to paint black/brown. I have the perfect spot for it in our apartment and the picture collage would look great above it. I hope garage sales start soon so I can find the perfect table.

-I finally made Joey's rewards chart and will feature the how to's in this Wednesday "Works for Me" post. Joey seems to really like the idea and he loves getting another sticker when he does something listed on the chart. My favorite so far is his responsibility to set the table for dinner at night. Check out his napkin presentation. He was so proud of his task and insist every night to set the table. Last night he made a setting for his firetruck. Silly boy!

-My hubsters and I have been watching a lot of movies on Netflix lately. We've been watching some older movies and have really enjoyed the early career movies of John Travolta and Kevin Spacey. Netflix is awesome. It's cheap entertainment and you don't even have to leave your couch. I did rent "The Time Traveler's Wife" from Redbox the other day though and let me tell you, I am super confused about time travel and even layed awake last night trying to make sense of the time travel taking place in the movie! Apparently I have a lot of time on my hands!

-And last, but certainly not least Joey has a new game he loves to play with Mommy and Daddy. It's called, "tumble mountain" (his words, not mine) and it involves us stacking his blocks up so he can knock them down. Fun for him, not so fun for me when I concentrated pretty hard to make the tower in the first place. I do have to say though that it is pretty fun to make cool stacks of blocks and toys. Joey was pretty proud of me for this creation....

Of course he knocked it over like Godzilla right after I took the picture.

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  1. I am loving American Idol this year too! It is the first season I have ever watched past the auditions lol... She did a great job but she is not my favourite sorry! haha