Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have a sturdy disdain in my heart for facebook groups. Don't get me wrong, I am a member of some of them myself, but only ones that are actually necessary.
Me <---runs to go and make sure that is true!

Anyways, you know what groups I am talking about. A few of my favorite or not so favorite are
I bet my school can get more fans then your school
I bet this pecan can get more fans then Nickleback
I am cooler than you
I hate the new Facebook layout

I mean seriously, why even join a pointless group? I guess that is social media for you.

Anyways, in honor of silly facebook groups here is a list of facebook groups I would join if they were real....

-I let my Costco membership expire, but I kept my card so I can get in to eat at their food court.
-I take over 200 pictures of my kid each month
-Great coupon deals give me natural highs
-Yah, my kid wears a harness, aka leash....GET OVER IT!
-I get upset when other people are passive aggressive, but I am the Queen of the planet Passive Aggressiva
-If everyone drove like me the world would be a better place
-My kid only likes to go to Target with me b/c he gets popcorn
-I have to hide vegetables in meals I cook so my son and husband will eat them.
-I take my kid to the McDonald's Playland as a way for him to interact with other kids.

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